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غدة البروستات (03 شباط 2012)

غدة البروستات

1. Introduction

.The value of prostatic sonography has dramatically increased in the past three decades
Transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) imaging is currently an integral part of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment procedures, providing high-resolution anatomical detail of the prostate region. In this chapter we review the anatomy and sonographic methods in imaging of the prostate and prostatic diseases. Also we emphasize the role of new sonographic techniques, such as color and power Doppler, the use of contrast agents, 3D sonography and elastography for diagnosis of different prostate diseases especially prostate cancer. We also discuss the use of systematic and targeted sonographic-guided biopsies as gold standard for prostate cancer detection. Finally, we will elaborate the new role of ultrasound in management of prostate cancer

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